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Native Crafts
Annlee Cakes Crafts
Annlee's Journey 
Serves the following areas: We ship to all of the USA States
Arkansas City, Winfield, Dexter, Sedan, Coffeyville, Caldwell, Oxford
Ponca City, Newkirk, Blackwell, Tonkawa, Kaw City

Hand Crafted Beaded Regalia our Specialty
You Dream---We Create
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408 East 5th Avenue, Arkansas City, KS 67005

Pow Wow Regalia
You Dream---We Create.......The traditional way!

And, we create hand crafted Native  Dance Jewelry

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We sell online seed beaded earrings, jewelry, rattles, necklace sets, and crafted style designs for all tribes and clans in our regalia items for pow wows and the Dance Circle. Special Orders allow you to CHOOSE THE COLORS!

And, you choose the seed bead size: We craft in #11 Standard seed beads and in #15 for depth and clarity.

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Available in paperback, hard-cover,E-Book, PDF and for Readers like Kindle and many more.

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Hray-Mah The Earth is Gone
Native American Traditions
Nine Months Plus One Day

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Annlee Cakes Crafts
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Annlee Cakes Crafts
Flu is hitting all over the USA.
Bob has designed comical flu art to remind you, family and friends to fight the flu by washing those hands. Hundreds of household and office products all with one reminder to wash hands allot. May you enjoy exploring them at his shop.

Bear Charms and More Flu Section

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