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We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All handcrafted products we offer and can be delivered to you within 3-7 business days.

Special Requested Orders
are shipped Right After We
finish beading them for you!

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We do and can repair Vintage or newer seed beaded Regalia that has broken or lost beads for you. 
Repair service 
PLEASE CALL we can have photos sent BY YOU and give you a FAIR ESTIMATE OF REPAIR. We have a wonderful stock of vintage beads in many colors and sizes (the beads are not for sale) We use them ONLY FOR REPAIRING if we can match the beads in the Regalia. 

Buy that perfect cup today?

Art designed coffee cups make the perfect Christmas gift.

Or that very special gift all year long!

Enjoy exploring our entire shop!

Bear Charms and More

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Annlee Cakes Native Crafts
Annlee Cakes Native Crafts
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Annlee Cakes Native Crafts

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The module below shows some of the beautiful Art Paintings we have used to design thousands of wonderful household and office products.

Including a full line of clothing for the entire family as well as drink ware, decorations. Including a full line of clothing for the entire family as well as decorations for home and office. Covers for almost every cell phone and computer including laptops. Artwork designed to be motivational and decorative. Products for the Holidays! Like Christmas and Halloween and even for pregnancy.

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Annlee Cakes Native Crafts
A very humorous story as told by the developing baby from with Creator unto conception and then birth. The baby reveals the answers to age old questions: Like why do pregnant moms crave certain or odd foods? Fully illustrated making it a very useful instructional tool in aiding parents with growing children who ask questions? It will bring joy, tears and laughs to all genders. It explains the “magic wall” and the development within the womb. A baby's perspective of leaving the Creator, learning all of life: And then facing death and birth! Based on a true life story! 
This is the must have book of the year!

Every parent needs this motivational baby story to read with their children.

Available in English:Zip PDF safe Download: 
PDF Downloads are just 99 cents.
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Or in Spanish: View now in  Spanish 

Or in print Paperback:  Click to view.

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Annlee Cakes Native Crafts
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